Sunday, August 20, 2017

Preparing for my journey to Torrington, Wyoming tomorrow for the Total Eclipse

A few days  ago I drove up to Torrington, Wyoming, just an hour and a half or so north of Cheyenne in perfect road conditions, took a lot of photos, and wrote an article, Where to see the Total Eclipse in Torrington Wyoming.

Looks like hundreds of people from Colorado might be planning to go up to Torrington, because that article is averaging a hundred hits a day.

So tomorrow....I am actually going to be driving up to Jay Em, which is another 30 or so miles north of Torrington, because unlike Torrington, Jay Em has a personalized post office cancellation.

I have created a post card with the Jay Em stamp on the front and some info about Jay Em on the back, affixed the Eclipse stamp to it, and tomorrow I hope to get at least 10 and hopefully 20 cancelled.

Then I'll try to sell them on Ebay or offer them as a perk for my Tiny Towns project, which I'll be launching sooner or later on Kickstarter.

I'll be leaving at 5 am, in hopes of beating the traffic. I've put a pillow and blankets in my car so if I get there as normal, after just an hour and a half drive time, I can take a nap if I feel like it.

I've also bought candy bars and a quart of milk and put them in a cooler which I'll be bringing with.

Also...because as a woman it's not easy to get out of the car and relieve oneself if one is stuck in traffic...I dont' mind admitting...I'll be wearing a Depend. Hey! I believe in being prepared and if a hundred thousand people descend on Torrington or Jay Em, well, I don't intend to suffer if there are no port-a-potties!

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