Saturday, June 24, 2017

Historical Markers at the Cheyenne Depot

The first few articles I wrote for the Wyoming in Motion web magazine focused on historical markers around Cheyenne.

I started with the batch at the Historic Cheyenne Depot.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Creating back links

I have two Facebook accounts. Quite by accident. I hadn't intended to, but when I got my second smartphone and started setting it up I wasn't sure if I could be logged into the same Facebook account - in order to upload photos and video in real time which is important for a travel blogger - so I just created a new account.

But as a result of having two accounts, I'm able to give myself two backlinks per Wyoming in Motion article published, because I share it on both accounts of course.

Each account is a legitimate account, I hasten to add. I used my real name and contact details. It's possible to hire people (at, for example) to share your posts on their social media, but I don't have the means to do that and I don't want to, anyway.

I want to see how far I can take my social media and the travel webzine legitimately, without employing any tricks.

That's not to say I may not pay to advertise the site in future...I am undecided about that. Right now I'm still building up the article base and attempting to recruit other writers - which is proving to be harder than I expected.

I posted an ad in Craigslist and, before it was taken down for some reason that was never explained to me, got 3 responses. But when I sent the info they requested, and pointed out that it was an unpaid position, I never heard back from them.

Which is silly. These days - in fact, any days! - most people don't get paid for what they write. You do not get paid to write for a blog unless you are a big name and it is a big blog that can afford to do so!

But what you do get, by contributing to such sites as The Daily Meal, Senior 55 Plus, etc., is exposure. Then, when you approach a venue about sponsoring you for free for a meal or a room or even airline tickets, they see your portfolio online and they say, "Sure, here's your comped trip."

But if you have no portfolio, no clippings, that will never happen.

So it just makes sense to contribute articles to travel webzines, even if unpaid, because you're building your portfolio online. And the publishers of those travel webzines (like myself) will then work to approach people on your behalf to get you those comped trips.

It's a win-win!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Welcome Centers

I am catching up on some articles I should have written last month.

I love to stop in at Welcome Centers - whether for a state or a particular city - and pick up brochures and even souvenirs.

Some Welcome Centers, also called Visitors Centers, have small gift shops. That was the case with the Loveland Visitors Center and the Colorado Welcome Center in Loveland.

Others have displays of various aspects of the state- such as the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center, situated just outside Cheyenne on I-25.

So here are the Welcome Centers I've done to date.

State Welcome Center - Colorado

City Welcome Center - Colorado

State Welcome Center - Wyoming

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book: The Organized Traveler

I've just started work on a book - more of a monograph, really - called The Organized Traveler.

One of the goals of Wyoming in Motion and this blog is to not only help tourists maximize their experiences, but also to help other aspiring travel bloggers to make their mark.

The Organized Traveler is therefore being written for two different types of audiences...we'll see if they mesh or if I end up breaking it into two different topics, one for each audience.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Cheyenne Little Theatre's Into the Woods

I went to the Musical Into the Woods last night, at the Mary Godfrey Playhouse here in Cheyenne.

The review is posted here:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Boating in Wyoming

A couple of days ago I had gone to the Southeast Wyoming Welcome Center to take some photos, and talked with the Wyoming Game & Fish representatives there who were conducting boat inspections.

Goal - keep quagga and zebra mussels and other invasive species out of Wyoming waters!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Restaurant Review: Renzios Greek Food in Cheyenne's Frontier Mall

I've been catching up on my restaurant reviews. I had a chicken gyro at Renzios Greek Food in Frontier Mall a few days ago - pretty sure it's the first time I've ever had a gyro.  I enjoyed it.

There are several fast food restaurants inside Frontier Mall, I'll be reviewing every single one.

I do restaurant reviews different than everyone else - or at least I attempt to do so. I still haven't gotten my Checklist down pat and forget to check out things I mean to include.

Women's Restrooms
The only restrooms I can check out, obviously!

I think people would be interested to know if the doors to the restroom are incredibly heavy - such that someone in a wheel chair or an elderly person could never get them open to begin with, let alone get them open to get back out! - or if there are no doors to have to deal with at all, which is usually the case when one is in a mall where there is unlimited space to provide a short "corridor" from the entry way into the bathroom itself so that people don't have to deal with doors and yet still have privacy.

What's Around the Restaurant
Is it in an area that just has office buildings, or are there other restaurants around it, or touristy spots to see.

And of course, appearance and cleanliness of the restaurant itself, whether or not the staff is friendly, and so on.